Process Mixing Science Technology:

What services do we offer? 

1. Developing or reviewing equipment specifications for equipment procurement.

2. Analysis and a fresh prospective in selecting technology for a specific mixing objective.

3. Technical review of equipment bids for agitation and mixing equipment.

Technology areas we serve:

Our expertise spans mechanical agitators, jet mixers in tanks, and static mixers. We have been involved in a wide range of mixing problems ranging from solids suspension in lime slurry tanks to in-line mixing of multiphase mixtures.

One emphasis area is “In-Line” mixing with static mixers and feed injectors in many applications. These provide very cost effective high performance solutions. Impressive results can be achieved with the proper selection of mixing technology. Static mixers have become such a commodity that their effectiveness is overlooked.

Static mixer

A six element twisted tape static mixer shown above is a common type of static mixer. Each element consists of a pair of spirals, alternating right and left hand twist components.

There are many designs of static mixers available . The challenge is to select and size the product that will deliver the most energy efficient mixing with the wide range of designs available. Our expertise can guide your decisions to find the most cost effective solution.