Atomization and Spray Technology Focus on Spray Drying

Next offering: October 22, 2014-- Madison, WI

University of Wisconsin - College of Engineering - Department of Engineering Professional Development

Atomization and Spray Technology Focus on Spray Drying is a one day short-course designed to increase your understating of how atomizers work and how to improve systems.

Atomization is an important process used in many industries, including the chemical, biochemical, food and dairy, pharmaceutical, paper, combustion, and agricultural industries. Atomization and Spray Technology is an introductory course for engineers, scientists, and technicians. It provides a basic understanding of the atomization process, design, and applications.
You will examine:

Attend and Benefit

Engineers, scientists, and technicians involved in the following application areas will benefit by attending this course:

The novice will be brought up to speed quickly, while the expert will benefit from a detailed review. Those who will benefit include:

Bring Atomization Problems to Discuss

We encourage you to bring atomizer design problems and questions to the course. This is your opportunity to discuss and explore innovative and practical solutions to your atomization problems.

Instructors: Charles W. Lipp and Elaine M. Bower