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Atomization and Spray Technology: Emphasis on Spray Drying


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We provide the content and lectures for several short courses through the Department of Engineering and Professional Development of the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

Atomization and Spray Technology with a focus on Spray Drying

Atomization and Spray Technology: Focus on Spray Drying is a one-day short course designed to increase your understanding of how atomizers work and how to improve systems. Atomization and Spray Technology is an introductory course for engineers, scientists, and technicians. It provides a basic understanding of the atomization process, design, and applications. Atomization is an important process used in many industries, including the chemical, biochemical, food and dairy, pharmaceutical, paper, combustion, and agricultural industries. You will learn about

  1. Atomization methods
  2. Atomizer design
  3. Drop size distribution and average drop diameter
  4. Spray characteristics
  5. Proper atomizer or nozzle selection
  6. Atomizer performance impact on dryer performance


We construct training material for a specific audience. In person training is complemented by written material.

Technical training poses unique issues to obtain and maintain engagement of the students during class period. We create short video clips to enhance the classroom experience.

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Lake Innovation was formed in 2008 to provide service to the industrial spray industry.

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